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Improved Learning

We have a tried and tested way of helping students to improve their way of learning and increasing their grasp and understanding of the concept.

Regular testing

We believe that a regular cycle of testing students on the concepts they have learned so that students can realize how much they are improving and rectify their own mistakes

Preliminary examination

The most important exam requires a lot of practice. We take 3-4 preliminary examination of all subjects before the 10th & 12th boards exams so students can feel fully prepared for their exams

A better learning environment

A good teaching method is more effective when accompanied by a good and healthy learning environment. We take active efforts to make learning a better and fun experience for the students.

About Us

We're a Mumbai based educational institute focused on giving quality education and the right guidance to the students in secondary school and junior college for commerce since 2001. We provide tuition classes for 8th,9th,10th for SSC board and also 11th & 12th for commerce HSC board.

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